пятница, 1 ноября 2013 г.

Is Betfair bot enough for success?

Many bettors expect from a betting bot that it will by far advance their possibilities and chances to win on Betfair. Lets look and analyse if betfair bots are really capable to make you money and if having a sophisticated betfair bot is enough to quit your work (as many dream of). What betting bots ARE and what they are NOT? Lets start from an obvious point that betting bots are just computer programs and like any other computer program they only do what you tell them to do. This point helps us to see the truth - no matter how sophisticated bot is and how many advanced features it has, it completely depends on your commands. It is you who has to set all parameters and make all important decisions. Betfair bots can't create winning strategies for betting, but they can follow YOUR betting strategy. They can't choose you winning horses, you must tell them selections to bet. Well, some betfair bots make an impression that they can choose selections by utilising some tricky functions, but it's only impression. Again, all these functions were made by a human and they may or may not work. So why would one use a betting bot? It's true that bots can't select winners, but they help in many other ways. Like many other software, betting bots help us to save time. Imagine that you have a betting strategy and say 10-15 selections to bet every single day. You will have to spend your time sitting in front of your computer, watching races and calculating bets. Instead you could just tell betfair bot your betting rules and enter your bets (will take 5-10 minutes) and that's it. Moreover betfair bots protect yourself from mistakes involved in calculations and can read and analyse Betfair data much faster than humans. This makes betting bots worth to spend your money.